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Hrithik Roshan star of new Rado TV and Print ad

Rado brand ambassador puts the new Rado HyperChrome through its paces

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan met Rado in Jaipur, India in October this year to film our new advertising campaign. The stunning print ads show Hrithik modelling the new Rado HyperChrome. Hrithik’s talent as an actor was invaluable in the filming of the TV commercial which will be airing in his native India from the beginning of December.

In the action packed mini-film the Rado brand ambassador wakes up suddenly and looks at his Rado HyperChrome sitting on his bedside table. His watch shows that it is 10:11am and he’s late! Hrithik dashes across the city in action hero style, testing the scratch resistance of his HyperChrome Chronograph along the way.  He makes it to his friends’ engagement party just seconds before the couple, looking cool and calm, and jokingly informs them that they are late.

Classy, stylish and always on time, Hrithik Roshan is an ideal model for the new Rado HyperChrome.


To see Hrithik in action in the new commercial visit the Official Rado Facebook page

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