Rado supports artistic talent

Rado has frequently demonstrated its own Unlimited Spirit in action, successfully propelling the imagination on to borderless journeys. This spirit has characterized Rado since its foundation and its commitment to discovering new territory, inventing new materials and creating revolutionary design watches are the proof of this visionary philosophy. Now it is inviting young artistic talent to break new ground and share in the brand’s proven belief that everything that can be imagined is potentially real – through Radostar Prizes.

The Radostar Prize Philosophy

With the Radostar Prizes, Rado has set out to support the global art community and the future of creativity by promoting the Unlimited Spirit of talented artists around the world. This involves a commitment to helping them to gain exposure, meet the right people and get their projects started so that they can create jobs and generate wealth for future generations, just as Rado has done. Originally created in 2008, this award programme supports and promotes the brand’s daring mindset in the minds of others.

Radostar Prizes Around the World

The Radostar Prize concept is international and aimed at offering young talent a career springboard, giving their work exposure to key people in the appropriate sector.

Architecture, Fashion Design, Music, Photography, Product Design, Video - if you have brought an improvement to an existing process and/or object in one of these areas, take part in the Radostar Prize and release your Unlimited Spirit! The Unlimited Spirit of Rado allowed a local company to become global. Some Radostar Prizes already have been initiated in Austria, the USA, China, Japan, Malaysia and Korea. Many others will follow. Check out the links below – because great ideas know no boundaries.