Design is an integral part of what Rado does, and is one of the reasons the brand has been recognised with 30 international design prizes.  As a relatively young company in the watchmaking world, Rado has always focused on the outside of its products, choosing a range of unusual materials to make its watches which have since been adopted by numerous other brands.

Since its beginnings Rado has aimed to create watches of long lasting beauty. From the first scratch-resistant watch in 1962,  the mission evolved to find ever lighter, more durable materials scratch-resistant materials that could be easily shaped for use in watchmaking.

From its first foray into the use of ceramic in 1986, Rado has developed the technology to  produce new ground-breaking designs  with  matt finishes, in white or even plasma high-tech ceramic, which transforms white ceramic into a material with a metallic finish, without using any metal.  In 2013 Rado presented the first ever ceramic watch with touch technology and the first touch watch with two time zones in 2014.  Design is the cornerstone of the success of these ground-breaking pieces.

As part of its dedication to design, Rado is active internationally with its Rado Star Prize competitions. These prizes aim to support the work of young or unestablished designers by offering them a platform to show their work to experts from the design field and the general public alike.  Held in the context of a larger design event, such as Paris Design Week, Vienna Design Week or the World Design Capital® Cape Town 2014, the Rado Star Prize aims to bring the work of young designers to the fore. 

Jury members include designers, academics, representatives of commercial or industrial enterprises as well as the media. Having their work judged by experts means young designers can expect to build a reputation in the design world.

Design, innovation and technology have all gone hand-in-hand to create the iconic products for which Rado is known worldwide, with the company’s founders words “If we can imagine it, we can make it, and if we can make it then we will” ringing  true to this day.