Rado Captain Cook

Rado Captain Cook

An original look from 1962 reimagined for the 21st century. Unveiled in 2021 for the first time in Rado's preferred material: high-tech ceramic.

Charting new territory in vintage watches

The Rado Captain Cook is a natural choice for modern explorers. This automatic timepiece contains a mix of materials waiting to be discovered. Its vintage details and advanced features make it a watch designed to stand the test of time.

Our Selection

A style statement waiting to be discovered

Day Night

Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Diver

Whether your field of exploration is one of the world's oceans, thick nordic forests or rugged alpine wilderness, your Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Diver will be a reliable and solid partner, at your side for years to come.

Captain Cook Automatic Chronograph

For the first time as a chronograph, the explorer favourite makes a brilliant return, in updated, exquisite proportions thanks to a unique, slimmer automatic movement, quite a rarity in the field.

Captain Cook Over-Pole

The new Captain Cook Over-Pole Limited Edition is delivered in a stylish brown pouch with a second bracelet, in rice-grain-style stainless steel, quickly interchangeable for a different look, thanks to the EasyClip system.


Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic

The Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic is the culmination of many years of research and development together with the history and tradition of the Rado Captain Cook.

Captain Cook Bronze

A combination of the oldest man-made alloy with modern materials gives the Captain Cook Bronze a flawless physique and looks that can drive others to distraction.

Design Collaboration

Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder

Rado teamed up with the French-Austrian designer Marina Hoermanseder for a brand-new version of its Captain Cook timepiece — an exquisitely bold and totally empowering piece of watchmaking elegance.

One watch three looks

Captain Cook Travel Pouch

Looking for a change? The Rado Captain Cook comes with a leather travel pouch with a selection of additional straps which allows you to change the bracelet or strap quickly and easily.

Core Collection

Captain Cook 37mm & 42mm

The Rado Captain Cook has already proven itself to be able to stand the test of time and is based on the 1962 original. It is ready to be your constant companion as you prepare for the next chapter in your life.


Dazzling Captain Cook

Versatility, good looks, practicality. Whatever you’re looking for in a watch the Rado Captain Cook is very stylish, with just the right amount of bling.