Rado Ceramica

Rado Ceramica

The legendary Rado Ceramica reappears with a contemporary look. Its clean lines and gently curved silhouette draw all eyes to your wrist. Lightweight, scratch-resistant and eminently wearable.

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A bold presence on the wrist.

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Ceramica Quartz

One of Rado’s most recognisable high‑tech ceramic timepieces has been given a contemporary interpretation while retaining its strong geometrical shape.

Iconic Timepieces - Ceramica

Ceramica, a design icon much imitated but never equalled.


1990 saw the birth of Ceramica, winner of multiple international design awards over the decades. One of the first watches in the world to have a bracelet, crown and case made entirely of high-tech ceramic.


The Ceramica’s minimalist style would become an important strand of Rado’s design language.


It's the little things...

The Ceramica's case and the strap are the same width, invisibly attached to each other, and form one continuous bracelet; as they are made from the same material and show the same black glossy surface. Furthermore, the all- black concept also extends to an index-free dial reduced to the absolute minimum. The attraction of the watch comes from its details: Delicate hour, minute and second hands stand out clearly, while the brand name Rado and symmetrically placed date display fit unobtrusively within the horizontal-vertical grid. The horizontal splices between the evenly bracelet links introduce a regular rhythm between the light-reflecting surface and the darker slots.

Konstantin Grcic

A designer's piece

The Ceramica design was up-dated by German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic in 2016, and in 2017 he also collaborated with the brand on the first Ceramica Automatic.

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