Square Watches

Rado prides itself on innovative watches that are a step ahead of the rest. While round watches have been the preferred look for most, square watches are a trend that has been well received by many. Whether you are looking for an understated square watch with diamonds or a unique square ceramic watch with an open heart exposure, Rado has you covered with a large selection of square watches.


Why Square Watches are in


Square watches are unique differently well beyond their rectangular shape, Rado’s square watches provide remarkable comfort and amazing looks. They are made of high-tech ceramic, a material created by Rado that is extremely light and that adjusts to the wearer’s body temperature, providing great comfort for both warm and cold climates. The square shape also allows for a wider and unobscured view of the dial, making it easier to admire the Rado rotating anchor, date-display or perhaps the skeletonized movement. Many of Rado’s square watches are made in collaboration with renowned designers across the globe resulting in beautiful, one-of-a-kind timepieces. Rado True Square collection features a wide variety of square watches in various sizes making them ideal for men and women.

Pic / Reference number
< 35 mm
35-42 mm
> 42 mm
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