HyperChrome 1314


HyperChrome 1314

The quality automatic movement that beats at the heart of the HyperChrome 1314 is powered by the movements of the wearer. It’s a perfect match for this dynamic and sporty timepiece. With a range of colours, materials and sizes to choose from, the HyperChrome Automatic is as versatile as it is stylish.

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제품 사양

무브먼트: 오토매틱

사이즈: 36.0 mm


리미티드 에디션: 1314 개 리미티드 에디션

총 중량: 96 그램

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제품 사양

R32043702 | 01.580.6043.3.070


두께: 10.4 mm

방수: 5 bar (50 m) 방수

크리스털: 반사 방지 코팅된 사파이어 크리스탈


다이얼: grey


보석: 12 개 다이아몬드, 0.078 캐럿 /


무브먼트 파워 리저브: 38 시간


브레이슬릿: 플라즈마 하이테크 세라믹, 티타늄, 세라모스™

브레이슬릿 품번: 07.04938

캘리버 2681

고급 스위스 메이드 2681 오토매틱 무브먼트는 이 워치의 박동하는 심장으로, 착용자의 움직임이 동력으로 작용합니다. 분, 시, 초 핸즈 및 날짜 표시창(옵션)으로 라도의 품질과 신뢰성을 보증합니다.

HyperChrome 1314

Seriously scratch‑resistant, dangerously desirable

Inspired by vintage Rado timepieces, the sporty-chic HyperChrome family was unveiled in 2012 as Rado's signature all day, every occasion timepiece. With over 70 different models, the HyperChrome family is as versatile as watch lovers’ tastes are diverse. Choose from quartz or automatic movements as well as a remarkable range of colours, sizes, styles and innovative materials.

HyperChrome timepieces in Rado’s signature high-tech ceramic are the jewel in the crown of the collection. The HyperChrome’s monobloc case is not only beautiful, it’s also a technological breakthrough: Crafted from a single sleek piece of injected ceramic, it does away with the stainless steel core that was required for previous ceramic designs. The result? Extreme comfort, extreme durability and extreme beauty.

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