Tradition Captain Cook MKIII


Tradition Captain Cook MKIII

Inspired by the 1962 original, the MKIII retains the vintage look of the original, but adds a modern touch, with details such as an XXL case size and black textile strap. The box-shaped sapphire crystal glass covers a dial with a day date function. The movement features a power reserve of up to 80 hours and the MKIII is water resistant to 22 bar (220 metres).

The MKIII is prepared for whatever you encounter, whether sailing on the open sea or navigating through rush hour traffic and thus perfect for the modern gentleman explorer.

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제품 사양

무브먼트: 오토매틱

사이즈: 46.8 mm

총 중량: 100 그램

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제품 사양

R33030176 | 01.764.6030.3.117


두께: 13.9 mm

방수: 22 bar (220 m) 방수

크라운: 나사식 크라운


다이얼: black



무브먼트 파워 리저브: 최대 80시간


브레이슬릿: 패브릭

브레이슬릿 품번: 07.09096

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