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Break the mould and upgrade your look with 5 easy accessories

It’s easy to get into a wardrobe rhythm, relying on the same staples day in and day out. But breaking that mould is easier than many may think. From grabbing a patterned cashmere scarf to adding some sleek accessories — this insightful video delivers five easy ways to breathe new life into your style from the ground up.

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Last-minute or not, here are some simple tips to be an impeccable host

Thanks to the advent of group chats, the chances of friends deciding you’ll be hosting an impromptu hangout are higher than ever. And because you’re never one to turn down some fun, you’ll need a few imaginative ways to make the most of the moment.

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Get the most out of your travel and save time packing by following these 5 easy tips

From the clothes you pick to the time you actually spend packing, preparing for a weekend away should be an exercise in functionality and minimalism. Use our time saving packing tips to bring exactly what you need, and nothing more.

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5 top tips to relax and de-stress in 60 seconds

If you find yourself always on the go, taking time to yourself is more important than ever. For those who don’t have all day to lounge around, we’ve pulled together a handful of ideas on how you can de-stress and find a piece of inner peace in just 60 seconds.

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