Captain Cook Automatic Bronze


Captain Cook Automatic Bronze

Rado瑞士雷達表Captain Cook庫克船長自動機械青銅腕錶忠於品牌1962年推出的原版經典風格腕錶, 以21世紀全新姿態重新展現。Rado瑞士雷達表Captain Cook庫克船展自動機械青銅腕錶表因其復古的細節和造型並融入當代的設計元素,腕錶絕對經得起歲月時間的考驗,是當代佩戴者的理想之選。腕錶的錶殼以青銅材質及耐用的合成纖維製成的NATO錶帶打造而成,完美融合古典與現代材質於一身。



機芯: 自動機械

尺寸: 42.0 毫米

總重量: 81 公克


建議零售價格 (包括增值稅)

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R32504207 | 01.763.0504.3.220


厚度: 12.5 mm

防水性能: 防水深度達30巴(300米)

錶冠: 旋入式錶冠


錶盤: 藍色



動力儲存機芯: 80-hour


錶鏈: 織料


錶鏈參考: 07.09177

Captain Cook Automatic Bronze

The new Captain Cook Bronze range is part of our exciting Captain Cook collection, which features watches inspired by original Rado pieces from the 1950s and ‘60s. Bronze is a beautiful and eye-catching material that is particularly attractive when contrasted with the green, blue and brown accents on our Captain Cook watches.

In contrast to our high-tech materials, bronze changes over time and develops a patina that makes it unique to each wearer. Depending on the wearer’s habits and the climate where they live, the bronze can become slightly darker or much darker. In either case, each piece will be truly unique to the wearer. This unique quality will appeal strongly to some wearers but not to others.

An additional feature of the Captain Cook bronze watches is a very fine (3 micron) layer of 23 carat gold plating. This is designed to avoid patination between the time the watch is produced and the time it reaches the customer’s wrist. This plating will disappear over time and the colour that is unique to each wearer will begin to appear.
In rare cases, bronze watches that repeatedly come into contact with water can develop a greenish appearance. If this occurs, the watch can be cleaned at a Rado Service Centre with no lasting effects. We suggest that the watch is exposed to water as little as possible and is dried with a soft cloth if it does get wet.








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