Rado HyperChrome

Rado HyperChrome

Inspired by vintage Rado timepieces, the HyperChrome family was unveiled in 2012 as Rado's signature timepiece for every day and all occasions. As versatile a watch as any watch lover could wish for.

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Extreme comfort, exceptional durability and persuasive beauty.

Day Night

HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph

HyperChrome Chronograph models pair high-end materials – ceramic, plasma, stainless steel, leather – with dials in carefully chosen colours, so there's a perfect watch for every style.

Core Collection

HyperChrome Quartz

Dynamic, sleek and sporty, the HyperChrome Quartz is designed to look good. Dressed up or dressed down, it's as versatile as it is stylish.

Core Collection

HyperChrome Automatic

Innovative materials, robust construction and sleek design are the signature features of HyperChrome automatic watches. A timepiece that delivers the functions you need in a style you desire.


HyperChrome Diamonds

High-tech ceramic and dazzling diamonds come together in a watch you'll want to look at forever and wear every day. Sporty and chic for any occasion: the HyperChrome Diamonds.

Special Edition

HyperChrome 1616

Round or angular? Vintage or modern? Both! The HyperChrome 1616 combines apparent opposites in a true style statement. Modern materials and a retro touch make this watch a perfect companion.

Iconic Timepieces - HyperChrome

Launched in 2012, the HyperChrome created a new look for Rado.


2012 marked a change in the world of men’s fashion as stylists began returning to a manlier look to represent the male ideal. In this bearded, post-skinny jeans era, watches regained their larger proportions.


Chunky and bold, eye-catching but not brightly coloured, the HyperChrome summed up this shift while representing a bridge between casual and smart looks.


Goes with everything

The Hyperchrome collection is full of ceramic watches, innovations, unprecedented watch construction and sleek design. Dynamic, attractive and sporty chronograph watches, the HyperChrome timepieces are designed to look just as good with a business attire as with a casual outfit or even sports gear. A watch that delivers all the functions with the style you want.

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