Design watches

Design watches

Rado is synonymous with contemporary design. Collaboration with leading designers around the world has enriched our collections and granted prestigious design awards.

Protecting your precious time

Rado True Square Formafantasma

The Rado True Square Formafantasma – a design collaboration with the award-winning Italian-Dutch design duo that gives its name to the watch– is sticking with tradition with a side of mystery. Taking the base of the ground-breaking new full high-tech ceramic True Square, this special design edition draws on the historic idea of a closed watch to create a bold and impactful style statement that is designed to stand the test of time. The idea of the closed watch refers back to historical pocket watches. The housing of the watch was made to protect the delicate dial and mechanism inside. Only a small opening gave a glimpse of the time – the true function of the watch.

Rado True Square x Tej Chauhan
Souvenirs of the future

Rado True Square x Tej Chauhan

Our latest design collaboration brings us back to the future in style: the emotional design language of award-winning British industrial designer Tej Chauhan meets Rado, famous for its pioneering design. With flowing shapes, innovative high-tech ceramic and bold colours, the Rado True Square Tej Chauhan visualises the great futuristic visions of pop culture. Design inspiration for this collaboration came from the enduring futurist visions from popular culture, from movies to typography to colour theory. For his personal interpretation of a “near future”, Tej Chauhan found the ideal partner in Rado: “We strategically use shape, colour and material to bring joy to people. This common foundation of materials, colour and contrast made the collaboration with Rado an absolutely natural process.”

Artistic instead of artificial intelligence

Rado True Square Undigital

In the middle of the digital age, the Japanese design duo YOY is giving one of our best-known faces an update that is as contemporary as it is analogue. The True Square Undigital combines two real design icons. The angular bars of the digital display meet the square Rado ceramic watch. But not everything is as it seems at first glance… This watch is truly smart. And absolutely undigital. The digital display and the square Rado ceramic watch: both were the epitome of futuristic designs in the 1980s. YOY likes to use such well-known greats and gives them a completely new meaning, creative, clever and humorous. Just like its vision of the Rado True Square. The Undigital plays with the distinctive shapes of the seven-segment display – the classic face of a digital watch – and transfers them to the analogue time display with hands.

Time to connect people

True Square Over The Abyss

The True Square “Over the Abyss”, a design collaboration with New Delhi artist duo Thukral and Tagra. A timepiece that presses on our temporality as individuals and highlights the importance of our connection with others. Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra’s work focuses on something that is intrinsic to humans but sometimes forgotten in modern societies: the relationship of us individuals to our communities. This is why their work is often described as social design. The duo always tries to understand their existence and questions the status quo, thus naming their work: Over the abyss. The Indian duo included their focus on social design to create together with the Master of Materials a timepiece with a unique time display that superimposes the local time of the wearer to several time zones of the world.

True Square x Yuan Youmin
A truly “balanced” design collaboration

True Square x Yuan Youmin

A millennia-old culture meets minimalist design, Chinese craftsmanship meets Swiss precision. Yuan Youmin – graphic designer, lecturer and curator – has drawn inspiration from traditional elements of his homeland China, and together with Rado, created an exceptional timepiece. The new True Square x Yuan Youmin unites West and East, yesterday and today with elaborate details and the latest methods worthy of a Master of Materials. The renowned graphic designer Yuan Youmin drew inspiration from the fascinating cultural history of China, combined with modern minimalism. The traditional steelyard served as a motif. This important measuring instrument has been anchored into Chinese everyday life for almost two thousand years.

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