Personalise your watch

Personalise your watch

A watch is much more than just a time indicator. It is a work of art that carries history and tradition. To make your Rado watch even more special than it already is, you can have it embossed or engraved - for free.

Emboss your leather strap
Make it unique

Emboss your leather strap

Make your Rado watch even more special by embossing the strap with your name, your lucky number or a meaningful date. The embossing is free of charge. Please note that only leather straps can be embossed.

Make it yours

Engrave your watch

A beautiful memory, a declaration of love or just an important date - provide your watch with a very personal engraving. Depending on the model, you can have either the case back or the closure engraved. Three different fonts are available for engraving.

Engraving is free of charge and exclusively possible for online orders. Please note that engraved watches are considered a retail sale and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged.

Make your loved ones happy

The perfect gift

"Time is a gift that you give to other people". A quote from Michelle Obama, and she's right. And what could be better than giving away time in the form of a Rado watch. To make your loved ones and friends happy, every watch you order will be delivered as a gift in black wrapping paper. Make your gift even more personal and add a gift card for free. Whether for a passed exam, birthday or anniversary, your wishes will surely be well received.