Rado HyperChrome

Rado HyperChrome

Inspired by vintage Rado timepieces, the HyperChrome family was unveiled in 2012 as Rado's signature timepiece for every day and all occasions. As versatile a watch as any watch lover could wish for.

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Extreme comfort, exceptional durability and persuasive beauty.

Day Night

HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph

HyperChrome Chronograph models pair high-end materials – ceramic, plasma, stainless steel, leather – with dials in carefully chosen colours, so there's a perfect watch for every style.

Core Collection

HyperChrome Automatic

Innovative materials, robust construction and sleek design are the signature features of HyperChrome automatic watches. A timepiece that delivers the functions you need in a style you desire.


HyperChrome Diamonds

High-tech ceramic and dazzling diamonds come together in a watch you'll want to look at forever and wear every day. Sporty and chic for any occasion: the HyperChrome Diamonds.

Special Edition

HyperChrome 1616

Round or angular? Vintage or modern? Both! The HyperChrome 1616 combines apparent opposites in a true style statement. Modern materials and a retro touch make this watch a perfect companion.