True Thinline Designer

Rado is continuing its design collaboration with renowned designers from around the world, this time focusing on the contemporary True Thinline collection. As a key player on the international design stage, Rado continues to push the boundaries in pioneering design, working with designers to bring new ideas, fresh perspectives and individual style to Rado’s timepieces.

True Thinline Studs Limited Edition

True Thinline Studs

Rado has worked with award-winning British designer Bethan Gray to bring luxurious materials and intriguing elements to the Rado True Thinline. Taking inspiration from her furniture and textile designs, the limited edition True Thinline Studs Limited Edition features a shimmering grey marquetry pattern dial and a matt-black high-tech ceramic monobloc case with gold coloured elements on the dial ring and crown.

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Bethan Gray

Renowned for bringing bold texture, pattern and luxurious materials to her designs, Gray’s signature style has won her global acclaim, including the ‘Best British Designer’ award in 2013/2014. Rado has worked with Bethan Gray to combine her flair for materials and eye for details with the revolutionary design of the True Thinline family.


To celebrate this unique collaboration, a Rado x Bethan Gray keyring has been crafted for each of the 1001 limited edition pieces.

EXCLUSIVE TO RADO.COM. Purchases made on will also receive a Rado x Bethan Gray coaster* designed by Bethan herself. 
*Limited Availability. See T&Cs.

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True Thinline Toge

True Thinline Toge

We have created a brand new True Thinline in polished black high-tech ceramic with Japanese food artist and designer Ayako Suwa. She took inspiration from the famous tetraodontidae, or ‘pufferfish’ for her design. Her aim was to accentuate the intrinsic beauty of the person who wears the watch by opting for a 3D effect dial reminiscent of the pufferfish’s spiny texture. The idea unites Ayako’s passion for nature-driven design and her strong sense of Japanese culture.

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Ayako Suwa

After graduating from the Kanazawa College of Art, Ayako Suwa set up Food Creation in 2006. In 2008, she exhibited her first private exhibition ‘Sensuous food, emotional taste’ at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa. Since then, she has exhibited regularly in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong, Taipei, Berlin and Barcelona. Designing and creating food that explores the human instincts of desire, curiosity, and evolution, Ayako presents new values for food that are neither gourmet taste, nutrition, nor energy source. 

True Thinline Deep Web Limited Edition

True Thinline Deep Web

Using her True Thinline as a blank canvas for self-expression, Flora created the dream-like True Thinline Deep Web. Under the sapphire crystal, two transparent discs sit on top of each other. Each disc has a metallic coloured web pattern. As the discs overlap, an illusion of hands is created. It is a truly futuristic and ethereal approach to telling the time.

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Flora Miranda

Austrian-born Belgian-based fashion designer Flora Miranda won the Rado Star Prize Austria in 2017.  Since then, she has continued to develop her unique aesthetic, which focuses on the human being, the body, senses and perception performing in an actual or virtual reality. She embraces experimentation and explores techniques that are detached from design tradition or history. She is the first Rado Star Prize winner to design a watch for Rado.

True Thinline My Bird Limited Edition

True Thinline My Bird Limited Edition

Rado has created Evgenia Miro’s True Thinline My Bird in high-tech ceramic, using the opulent blue often seen in her work. With a precision laser engraving of a delicate feather pattern on the bracelet and the image placed diagonally across the dial, the symbol of the bird’s feather creates a new philosophy of time with its lightness and dynamic rhythm.

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Evgenia Miro

Russian artist and designer Evgenia Miro is a graduate of the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and is known for her work with colour and symbolism. One of the key themes in her work is time, and Rado has worked with Evgenia to apply her unique vision and traditional motifs to the light, modern True Thinline collection.

True Thinline Gem Limited Edition

True Thinline Gem

Combining facetted sapphire crystal, a signature Rado material since 1962, cut to look like an enormous diamond with a textured relief dial, Inma Bermudez’s True Thinline Gem uses a unique play of light reflection and refraction to create the illusion of depth and thickness in Rado’s groundbreaking thinnest watch.

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Inma Bermudez

Spanish industrial designer Inma Bermudez is best known for bringing new life to everyday objects including tableware, lighting and bathroom products. Rado has worked with Inma to create a watch using signature Rado materials in a design that reflects her work with porcelain. The result is a thoroughly fresh and modern jewellery piece.

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