Синий кожаный ремешок

11 г
11 200,00 руб.


Personalising your style has never been so easy thanks to the new Rado EasyClip System and the new range of colourful straps. They are meant to suit your mood and add brightness to your outfit. This strap is made from the finest leather, the individual shade of which can take on a magnificent vintage look over time. The leather is fitted with a soft, resistant synthetic lining. The strap is attached to the watch head with the help of easy removable spring bars. It is secured with a thorn buckle. Please note that this strap is exclusively intended for our Captain Cook Automatic with a diameter of 42 mm. The watch head shown in the picture is not included. You can find more information on replacing the strap with our Easy-Clip system here.

Информация о модели

  • Наименование продукта: Синий кожаный ремешок
  • Артикул: R070916801
  • Совместимость браслетов: Captain Cook Automatic 42 mm


Совместимые часы

Это часы совместимы с системой Easy Clip и вы можете добавить в заказ дополнительный ремешок. Вы найдете подробную информацию о замене ремешка с системой Easy-Clip здесь.

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