Urban Wedding

 Wedding bells are ringing for a new generation, with urban ceremonies emerging as a major motif. His and hers versions of the new Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook offer the right accessory for couples tying the knot in chic city ceremonies.

Bohemian Wedding

Old time romance is back in vogue, with bohemian dress and wholesome rural settings emerging as the style of choice for a new generation of weddings. Rado presents couples watches to celebrate this old-fashioned love with a modern twist.

Minimalist Wedding

 A new generation is applying a “less is more” approach to the wedding day, opting for a stripped back ceremony where austere backdrops and sensual details rule. Adding to the light and atmospheric look are two Rado watches.

Classic Wedding

Tradition-friendly weddings have never fallen out of favour, but a new crop of lovers is adding unique elements for a modern take on tradition. Rado presents two timepieces that look right at home during these nouveau traditional nuptials.