The Rado DiaMaster Ceramos collection. Simply brilliant.

The Rado Complication

With more than 50 years’ experience working with high-tech ceramic and having tested different compositions over time, Rado proudly presents CeramosTM. A precise and delicate blend of high-tech ceramic and a metal alloy, Ceramos offers the best of both worlds: The scratch resistance and lightness of high-tech ceramic and the luxurious lustre of metal. The perfect marriage of two essential modern watchmaking elements, it is a union guaranteed to last a lifetime. It required years of research and development to render Ceramos apt for watchmaking. With its complex composite structure, multistep production process and extremely lengthy polishing requirements, Ceramos is a pioneering materials complication.

The Diamaster Ceramos collection

Simplicity is the key to brilliance. With the DiaMaster Ceramos collection, Rado has found the key and brilliance is present in every sense of the word: bright, ingenious and impressive. The classic DiaMaster good looks and clean design are present in both metallic looking models. But here, minimalism is taken to extremes with both the case and pared-down movement lending a streamlined look to a Rado favourite.

Rado DiaMaster Ceramos Collection

Ceramos magazine


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